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The bane which is PEMRA

I know I have written too many times about the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) but considering they way this bastard organisation is conducting itself - no matter how much it is condemned it is simply not enough.  The banning of international channels was widely  criticised - but the fucking idiots in PEMRA were not the least concerned about this.  After this was done, content of local channels begun to be monitored. news channels in particular including entertainment channels and lately advertisements which appear in them.
These shit-eaters in PEMRA have nothing better to do than snatch as much freedom as they can. As if freedom is something to be trifled with. The ultimate goal of course to ban all private channels and only have Pakistan Television as the only TV channel. The way freedom is being taken away, it can be taken back with tremendous force. Everyone who works in PEMRA would made accountable for their violation of fundamental human rights, violating …