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AIDS does not exist in Pakistan?

Official statements that there hardlyany AIDS patients in Pakistan. Admitting that there is AIDS in the country would mean the acknowledging that there are gays, drug addicts and there is sexual promiscuity. Being gay is treated as vicious crime, for a woman to be found out to have premarital or extra-marital relations with someone would automatically turn her into a criminal including the person or persons with whom she had any such relations. Most of the time the existing law in the country help in falsely accusing a woman or any man – for ulterior motives. Not revealing figures as to how many people have died of AIDS will not make the disease go away, ignorance is not bliss – it is fatal.Mentioning a condom leave its use is simply out of the question. The advertisement are too vague to make any sense. Sex education is prohibited, because it is assumed that it would result into turning students into sexual predators. AIDS cases are camouflaged, cause of death of an AIDS patient is ob…

Why identity cards fail

The concept of an identity card is flawed for a number of reasons:
The greatest danger of identity card is that it can be used to persecute members of a certain community, religion or sect. Including people belonging to a particular province or a specific area. Identity cards have always been a tool of a totalitarian state. If a person does not have an identity card, he is immediately considered a suspect and is imprisoned. It is an easy way for state officials to extort money from innocent people, when they are stopped and asked to show their identity card and if they do not have one they are made to pay whatever they have in their pockets, or the identity card can taken away and the person whose identity card it is will have to pay to get it back. The entire concept of the requirement of an identity card is an elaborate form of racketeering.
The requirement of identity card turns everyone who does not have one into a criminal.Distrust then becomes mutual; no one feels safe what the st…

The state of education in Pakistan

It is common knowledge that education is given the lowest priority by the state, as it receives the least amount of funds from the annual budget.For this reason the conditions of government schools and colleges are in an extremely poor condition.Because of this the private schools business is thriving and - the methods by which they operate is entirely fraudulent.These private school charge up or more than Rs 35,000 as admission fees and an additionalRs 12,000 (4,000 per month) as term tuition fees, these have to be paid together So the total amount for the admission of only one child is Rs 47,000 – which is well beyond the means of many parents.Later every subsequent three months the Rs 12,000 is charged as term tuition fees. Although all the money these schools receive, they really have no intentions to provide anything tangible in return. Children are expect to do well on their own., without expecting any help from their teachers. If some child does not do well,the school- theyfirm…