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The Great Flood is here and now

For the followers of religion and the true believers, the Great Flood has returned. It was revealed that when Noah encountered the Great Flood, he built the ark to save people. It was a new beginning, order had to be restored. Mankind faced the greatest peril at that time and Noah was their saviour. Noah’s name is in the religious books. The Great Flood was to tell the world about the great power of God and his unification. Only true believers would this Great Flood portends. Mankind has again reached the edge of the precipice. Like the rivers change their course, mankind can also avoid the course it is has adopted. This time humanity has been left to choose the direction it wants to go. Instead of going the way of Matually Assured Destruction and the Nuclear Holocaust. This can be avoided and humanity will saved. Otherwise this Great Flood is the Great Flood of apocolypse and the beginning of the End of Days. The Great Flood is year zero. From this year onward humanity can avoid…