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Blogs timed out

Amazing I cannot view my blog page - I continuously receive 110 timed out error message. This happens when the ISPs have been ordered not let anyone in Pakistan see what I have been writing. Oh well so much for freedom of expression.
The idiocy of all this is simply that everyone living abroad - particularly Pakistanis will be able to access my blog. It does not matter if my blogs are blocked over here, readers abroad will see them. There are a number of foreign based online newspapers covering events in Pakistan. Those websites are blocked. But people send the contents of those newspapers by sending them via e-mail. There are so many ways to subvert ridiculous restrictions which have been imposed.
Censorship weakens governments - the reason is simple - the government does not know what the public opinion is. A classic example how dictators falls is the case of the former Romanian dictator Caucescu - in order to ensure that no one should spread things against him - had photocopyin…

In The News no more

For 16 years I worked in The News – I was expecting to continue to work in it till I eventually retired. But that was not to be. I was unceremoniously fired on absolutely flimsy grounds. Another journalist who contested his termination from Business Record - Mr Baloch - contested his case for several years, he won in every single court. The owners of Business Recorder refused to concede defeat every time, they took the matter to the Supreme Court of Pakistan – even there they lost. Despite the rulings in favour of Mr Baloch in every court of the country, the owners of Business Recorder have refused to rehire him even then. The members of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society have marked as a trouble maker and have unanimously decided not to publish anything he submits, his career as a journalist is as good as dead. Somehow the Supreme Court of Pakistan is not able to make anyone follow its decisions. Business Recorder is also part of the all powerful crime syndicate the All Pakistan N…