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Sacrificial animals health hazard

On every Bakra Eid, all kinds of livestock throngs Karachi. The stench of these animals fills the air, besides they attract tremendous amount of flies - by their presence alone within the city is in itself a health-hazard. The entire city is turned into on gigantic cattle pen.
Just because it is a religious duty it does not necessarily mean that people should choose to ignore the various diseases which these animals are likely to suffer from. The livestock owners who bring them over to the city are desperate to get rid of them - either because they are suffering from some kind of disease or another or that they are too old. Some of these animals suffering from internal bleeding due to some injury or perhaps of some sort of disease.
Many livestock owners have their animals medicated, those medicines are in the bloodstream and some end up in the kidneys.
Some of these are so sick in order to make look healthy they are overdosed with drugs long enough to survive and be sold during Bakra …