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clamping down on truth

A publication called 'sach bolna jurm hai' was banned and all its copies were confiscated. The literal translation of the title of the publication - Expressing The Truth Is A Crime. By confiscating the publication and banning it, only proves its publisher's point, that expressing the truth is definitely a crime. Even by losing his licence to publish and having the copies his recent edition destroyed, he has won - but the stupid the government is too stupid to realise this. There is obviously there is not cure for this insanity - as the saying goes - power corrupts........

Wage Award: backtracking on promises

What could be more obscene that Shaukat Aziz the prime minister and Chaudhry Shujaat who had promised that the Wage Award to the newspaper employees, which has been pending for the past five years would be paid this month in August. Instead these two 'leaders' left the country on their 'official' visits. How long with this injustice last, how long with the newspaper employees have to wait til the Wage Award is paid along with arrears of the past five years?

Minister Awais Ahmed Khan Legari belongs in the lunatic asylum

Minister Awais Ahmed Khan Legari in 2003 in a move to 'preserve public decency' ordered that all 'objectionable' websites be banned. Instead of improving thing it did exactly the opposite - the number humiliating crimes against women bmany times more.
The present military regime supports the outrabegously obscene of sentencing women to gang rape - it they do not adhere to tribal laws. In these two years more violent sex crimes have been reported - simply because manic intolerance of any kind is being promoted. Whether 'objectionable' websites are bad or not - 'Objectionable' a euphamism for pornographic, at least instead of going around on a rampage to hurt others, people sat in front of their computers and watched what was being shown.
The on going catch phrase these days is -"don't watch do something about it" - it is being encouraged officially particularly by people like Minister Awais Ahmed Khan Legari who is a known womaniser.…