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Business without social responsibility

Everyone who is doing a job does so because he (or she) is unable to do any kind of business. Everyone who is doing business is either fortunate to have inherited it, or started it. But the problem is that businessmen and workers are members of the state - so under the laws of the state - both enjoy rights and previleges.
It cannot be that all the businessmen should have all the rights and previleges and benefits and the workers should have none. A businessmen have to employ but the right to fire anyone on a whim should never exist. All workers have the right to put in a specific number of hours and be paid for them. The example of a venal form of capitalism is that of a chief accountant of a company who sorted out the accounts of his employer. He worked round the clock, even worked on weekends, did not take a single leave. The day he made his presentation of the work he had done before the management. He was congratulated for the great work he had done. No sooner was the chief…