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A free life

Sexual repression is a way of life, it is not freedom in any way. The most important aspect of a sexually repressed society is the inability to find sex pleasurable. There is too much guilt and shame associated with it. What is shameful about finding sex enjoyable? Why is it dishonourable to do so? Everyone is, to  a certain degree perverted in one way or another- but everyone wants to give the appearance of being 'just like everyone else' - which is, for all practical purposes impossible. Everyone has some sexual quirk which differs from another person.
We live in a world in which norms are dictated by a group of people who have specific values and want others to follow them. A concerted effort has gone to into desexualising children. In the movies of the 1950 and 1960s children were not desexualised. Take for instance the movie Yesterday Today Tomorrow -  Sophia Loren is lying and a boy fingers her.  That would be unacceptable today - because the powers that be are will not…