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When Veena Hayat was raped

When our newspapers started enjoying some freedom, Veena Hayat's rape was the major headline of all the newspapers which existed at that time. Veena Hayat is not known because she was raped, she is the daughter of a politician Shaukat Hayat Khan, which means she belongs to an extremely rich family.  Many people did not like to see this news in their newspaper leave alone on the front page.No one liked reading stuff like this. However this was the first sojourn of the newspapers in the new frontier of  free expression and reporting without restriction.
The reason why people reacted with such indignation is that they had yet get adjusted to such openness. Strangely enough they travel abroad, they come across all kinds of magazines which they enjoy and express no disapproval. It was nothing but hypocrisy.  However are now reacting in the same way against the TV channels. thought are not at all as free as they should. They were controlled by the state.
Because of the prevalent hypocr…