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The mystery of Chaudhry Shujaat

Who or what is Chaudhry Shujaat? He was the prime minister after Jamali . No one knows what kind of influence he has on the existing military regime. It is said that Chaudhry family is responsible for being the real power behind the throne. No general can stay in power if they end up offending the Chaudhry's. They can can make and break politicians. Some even say they played a pivotal role in the creation of Bangladesh. If East Pakistan had remained, then Bengalis would be in all key positions of the government and the miltiary. The result would be the influence of the Chaudhry's would have been reduced considerable.
The miltiary and Chaudhry's are mutually dependent. One cannot do without the other. These are parasites. They will even destroy the country if it suits them. No one knows what Chaudhry Shujaat's game is. What he wants. All he wants is that nothing should change. No should threaten the interests of the feudal lords, the tribal chiefs and the mullahs. The …