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Misuse of military power

No doubt the country is under martial law - but the fact that our military goes ahead without thinking twice as to the consequences of its actions, particularly when they go around attacking different parts of the country on the basis of 'reliable intelligence' The latest incident was bombing a seminary. Instead of martial law, if there was a government elected by the people, restrained would have been ordered and the military would have to take into consideration the politcal backlash. The country is not for the military it is for the people of Pakistan and the military represents is simply a tiny fraction of the entire populace.
For all intents and purposes it seems that the military can only hold onto power by starting a sort of civil war. This would ensure continued military rule, because to prevent the state of anarchy the country has fallen in. All the military officers are robbing this country like all those before them. Running off abroad with the loot they hav…