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Thought control

If I hate something - I cannot express it on social network. If something bothers me -  I cannot say it. When I know something is wrong - I have two choices - write it down in my journal - which I do more often when I come across the fact I have been blocked out. I am angry - I will use my journal - no one can stop me from doing that. No moderator, no administrator.
No one. Its just me and my thoughts. My emotions and my feelings, written down using ink. No I will not use the computer to do that, who knows what kind technology there which can be transmitted from a mere word processor.
Only those moderate are those who are afraid what I say is right. The answer are placard, leaflets and what I write my private journal.What kind of world is it  - in which there is such thing thought control? One should restrain ones emotions and thoughts.
One should not express something, which presumably will hurt the feelings of others. The truth hurts a great deal - because it happens to be true. Wh…

Plot to assassinate God

HHaving as much money as God is the not the same thing as being God and creating anything and owning it. Gaddafi was killed today. Osama bin Laden is said to have been killed, this year. Some years ago Saddam Hussain was killed, all his sons killed, just like Gadaffi's sons were recently.
The reasons for all these wars may seem mundane as oil, the control over the riches on the planet. Economic reasons. It could be something very different. I had met astrologist in 2004 and was fairly accurate in his predictions. He had said if the war in Iraq and Afghanistan do not end, then 2008 the USA will suffer a major financial set back. The astrologer died in 2006 - never get to see how true he was.These wars on the surface may be religious in nature or political but they have a greater meaning. 2012 is cited as the end of the world. There is a kind desperation - conquering a country is one thing, but actually seeking and killing the leader of the country and wiping out his family is biza…

Cell phone companies call charges in Pakistan

No matter how the  cell phone service providers advertise  their call charges - the call rates are Rs. 6 per minute. This includes all the other charges like:

Line rentLLDGSM serviceGSTAdvanced Income Tax So it is fairly expensive to make calls. The advertised call charges hide the actual charges. Why should cell phone companies charge income tax from its subscribers? Income tax is on the  income the cell phones  and it has nothing to do with the subscribers, unless cell phone companies are committing tax fraud.  They are hiding their actual income from the auditors and the tax collectors.