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Iran and USA, enemies or friends?

The Shah of Iran had upset Israel in his interviewhe had with Mike Wallace. The Shah was arrogant enough to condemn Israel for all the troubles in the Middle East. The Shah completely forgot that he was given opportunity to rule Iran – because the CIA had allowed him. The plot which helped bring down Iran’s prime minister Mossadeq –and bring Shah Pehalvi, could be done again. The method used by the CIA was to get rid of Mossadeq was start demonstrations in mosque. Islam has been the CIA’s best weapon against the Muslim countries. The Shah was unceremoniously kicked out of Iran in 1979 and no country was willing to accept him. The Shah as long as he was in power did the following ·Used the oil money ‘modernise’ Iran – made it more western than the West. He little or not tolerance for mullahs and ayatollahs. ·He imagined as long as he kept the same mullahs who had brought down Mossadeq may do the same against him. ·The Shah adopted second language was French – it was supposed to be the la…

Rise in the price of world food prices and oil

The USA imposed sanctions on Iran after the Shah was ousted. The result of those sanctions was that Iran's main export which is oil  was stopped - at least the USA was not importing Iranian oil.  Libya was charged with terrorism and trying build nuclear weapons - sanctions were imposed on it too. But Libya managed to bribe itself out of that mess.
Some years later Iraq and Iran were at war. Iraq needed money to fund its war  - it bought the latest weapons the USA was willing to offer. As long as the war lasted- There was more Iraqi oil into the world market. There was oil glut- the  price of oil crashed. The oil companies in the USA were the ones which suffered the most, which was unforgivable.
The oil glut was worse than an oil embargo. The oil embargo made the oil companies rich a glut made them poorer. The solution lay in a controlled flow of oil, particularly Iraq. Iraq suffered an oil for food system. It had to supply oil in return for food.
In 1998 both India and Pakistan co…

Non-governmental organisations nonsense

There are just about too many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) - apparently working on several projects. The ones working on the problems of women are myriad. There are  others working to free those people who have been detained indefinitely without charges. There are NGOs for the environment and wildlife preservation. For every single problem which exists  there are several NGOs
If you ask them what they have achieved, other than having their reports published in newspapers - they have no answer. In the recent Women's Day - the rape and abuse of women was highlighted - how about talking about women who made difference? Women who have done things in the scientific field, in the arts in different fields f human endeavour.
NGOs stick to their agenda - on paper their work looks very noble and worthwhile - the problem is the issues once resolved - the purpose of the existence of NGOs ceases. Running NGOs is a business - money comes from people who believe in their cause - some of…

Gemans are a bunch of bigots

Hans-Peter Friedrich stokes immigration flames: 'Islam has no place in Germany' | Mail Online

The stories of the Final Solution would normally be brushed aside, because it is considered British propaganda during World War II. Because the British was imperial power and its colonies all over the world hated it and never believed . But after so many years after World War II - the independent countries of the world may well begin to revise their opinions. That the Germans really were capable of exterminating people on a very large scale.
Since Germans are excellent in making machines and industrial products and way beyond many nations in getting things perfectly organised, compartmentalised and structured to make them happen with complete with cold precision - it is possible did turn mass murder into a full fledged industry. It operated with hundred per cent efficiency.
Taking such things into consideration - the title of the story of the Daily Mail in the 1930s could hav…

Time to rip the masks off!

Time to rip the masks off!

Many things can come from this. The following seem to be true:

To prolong the war in Afghanistan and to extend to PakistanUS internal politics may also be a factor in this. even there politicians are not above stabbing each other in the backWhen the US Embassy officials were held hostage in Iran - Jimmy Carter was assured their release by the Iranian government. But George Bush  (former CIA head) delayed the release. Jimmy Carter lost his re-election bid. Ronald Reagan became president and George Bush became vice-president.The CIA along with contractors are carrying a massive covert war in Pakistan. Target killings, bomb blasts in different places. Killing of religious leaders - such cost a lot of money to conduct. The weapons and the bombs are not easily and readily available - these are expensive items who can afford waste so much money.It is believed the terrorism in Mumbai was also a CIA-Mossad operation to discredit Pakistan- it can be gauged by the exte…