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Cell phone service blocking idiocy

Rehman Malik's idea blocking  cell phone services is going to ensure is madness.  In times of crisis all lines of communications shoul remain open. It is essential that everyone should be contact with everyone. If terrorists are using cell phones to remain in contact with one another, the police can trace calls, listen to what the terrorists are doing and planning and what they have done. This helps the police in catching them before they any damage.
In any case of crisis all lines of communication should remain open. People who need medical assistance can call them. If criminals are seen the police can be informed, so that they should be arrested. Even phones are as IEDs that number can traced if there are scanners around.
Rehman Malik is nothing but a bloody absolutely corrupt piece of shit

Shia control over the Pakistani media

The Shia community has shown it has tremendous control over the Pakistani media. Any occasion which pertains to Shias is given tremendous coverage. It is as if Sunnis and other Muslim sects do not exist or matter at all. In countries where Shias do not exist,,  the first of Muharram is celebrated because it is the beginning of the Islamic new year and it is celebrated.
But in places where Shias are living celebrating the Islamic new year  is something which they cannot tolerate. Shias resort to self flagellation - a practice carried out Christian Catholics. The Christian Catholics did it to symbolise the way Christ suffered before being led to the cross.
The Shias have copied this  ritual but added another element, on the whips they have attached blades to the  so that they bleed even more. They even stab their heads making them bleed too
They are so extreme that during Muharram if any of their loved ones dies - mourning is reserved only for Hussain and Hasan and no one else.