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President's Earthquake Relief Fund scam

The military dictator General Musharraf used the earthquake tragedy to start one of the biggest scam in the history of the country. He had his people announce a President's Earthquake Relief Fund and had every bank open an account for this fund. Instead of benefitting those who suffered tremendously from the earthquake, the money was raked in by dictator and the members of his junta. Those who were fooled by this deposited money into this bank account.
The people who lost their homes and their livlihood are still living in tents, no new buildings have been constucted. No roads have been built. Kashmir is a terrible mess and the military dictatorship is completely unable to do anything about providing relief to the affected people. Rather it has no intentions to do so. The only relief these people receive are from private donations. The amount of corruption is boundless, General Musharraf has to be held accountable for every act of treason he has committed.

Selling islands may be just the beginning

Poor fishermen are protesting on the planned sale of two islands to Duba. The military dictatorship is committing one act of treason after another. While they are at it, they may as well sell the entire country along with its sovereignty. There is no limit to the greed of the military officers.
When they can kill 80 people without making any attempt to arrest them and putting them on tria is just an example how much the people in the army hate the people of Pakistan whom they are supposed to protect. Things have become so bad that the police regularly kills people claiming they have killed was a criminal. The newspapers print the police manifest faithfully, never questioning whether the police was within its legal rights to do so. The people who have been killedvery well be innocent but no one questions the police. The job of the police is to arrest alleged criminals and bring them to cour. It is common knowledge that the police is actually committing politcally motivated murd…

Misuse of military power

No doubt the country is under martial law - but the fact that our military goes ahead without thinking twice as to the consequences of its actions, particularly when they go around attacking different parts of the country on the basis of 'reliable intelligence' The latest incident was bombing a seminary. Instead of martial law, if there was a government elected by the people, restrained would have been ordered and the military would have to take into consideration the politcal backlash. The country is not for the military it is for the people of Pakistan and the military represents is simply a tiny fraction of the entire populace.
For all intents and purposes it seems that the military can only hold onto power by starting a sort of civil war. This would ensure continued military rule, because to prevent the state of anarchy the country has fallen in. All the military officers are robbing this country like all those before them. Running off abroad with the loot they hav…