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Private army reason to kill

The military dictator General Musharraf said that there can be no political solution with some one who has a private army - therefore such a person has to be killed. What the dictator conveniently failed to mention that there others who have private armies- Pir Pagara, who has the Hurs an army which matches the army Bugti had . Al the tribal chiefs have their own armies including te feudal lords.
Never trust a soldier to do job of a poltician. The decision which the present military dictator made was a disaster and all decisions made by all the previous military dictators have been disasters. General Ayub Khan alienated the people of East Pakistan and General Yahya Khan ensured the transformation of East Pakistan into a seperate country - Bangladesh. Zia-ul-Haq got involved in the war in Afghanistan against the former Soviet Union. In order to achieve that goal, Pakistan had to be transformed into a fanatical theocratic state this destroyed the mindset of an entire generation,…

Minister takes off early

Just a few days back a minister in the military dicator General Musharraf, flew off to Islamabad earlier than the scheduled time, threatening the PIA chairman if he did not. The passengers who were about to board the plane or had arrived at the airport, found the plane already gone. All the passengers flew in rage, but PIA did not regret its complete indiffirence to its passengers
This has become a regular feature of the existing government. Ambulances have right of way in every country except in Pakistan. To date up to a 100 people have died in ambulances, because the police stalled the movement of traffic, just because someone in the government is go by that road in a lavish motorcade, with cops on motorcycles and whole range of vehicles. This is of course extremely criminal and also idiotic - it would be safer for these leaders to travel anonymously without attracting any attention to themselves in a such a manner that eventually they put their own security at risk. Who is go…