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Culture vultures

Recently a Qawwali singer Amjad Sabri was shot dead in Karachi. It was said he had no enemies, nothing can  be further than the truth. The reason is Qawwali singers, Ghazal singers and others are born in such households where they had to master the art. Each of them is vying for audiences there are literally turf wars on such things.
Before concert halls, vinyl records and others which followed, they performed in brothels  The prostitutes would dance for the men who had gathered there. They were paid and the dancing girls too, then the men would go off with a prostitute. 
Rival gangs controlled different brothels and had their own singers, dancers and prostitutes. There were turf wars one gang would decimate the other. Pimps kidnap women and force them into prostitution. 
These people are considered the lowest of the low in society. Respectable people kept their distance and they were never welcome anywhere.The mullahs fell in the same category -  because they sought the help of the gang…