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Bad laws

Bad laws increase corruption, because they are impossible to enforce. Take the law against serving meals in wedding ceremonies - no matter how well intentioned this law is, the rich and powerful easily whenever they like. Serving meals in wedding ceremonies is a time honoured tradition - if the place where the wedding has taken place a banquet hall for instance and meals are not served there, then the alternative is to hold a seperate party discretely with caterers waiting to serve the gues.
Perhaps the worst law was banning of liquor. Those who were in a habit at least one glass of their favourite drink every evening, where denied that. The ban on liquor forced many people to become heroin addicts and thus ruining their lives. Those who could afford to have smuggled liquor at exorbitant rates were also in a position to bribe officials just by giving them best wine or any other liquor. When people go to parties where liquor is served, they drink as if they will never get any afterwards…