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Passport office a madhouse

For anyone who needs to have a new passport,there is office is located in a place called ‘Awami Markaz’ in the city. It is not really The Passport Office, it is the office where the documents for making passport are prepared. It is just another way for the government forget the military regime to make the life of the people as miserable as possible Instead making the acquiring of passports a simple one there is a terrible, unnecessary long and tedious procedure which have to be followed.
Tax payers have every right to demand that the government should issue passports free of charge instead of being asked to pay for them as passports are a fundamental right of every citizen in the country.
The passport office at ‘Awami Markaz’ is a hellish place, because countless people are standing in line for hours on end. When the procedure of the documents is completedthe passports are issued at another office which was originally was the placewhere passport office and is located which is in the cit…

The law of the jungle

General Muharraf made lawyers who were keen on staying as judges or becoming take the oath Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) the acronym PCO. He introduced this immediately after overthrowing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
PCO essentially to protect Musharraf and the members of regime from being tried for any crimes they commit. Essentially Musharraf has made himself above the law in every respect. As if the day he is overthrown PCO will not be removed and he and all the members of regime not be executed or jailed. Musharraf does not care about the consequences of his actions, he does not care about the immense resentment he has created amongst the people.
When General Ayub Khan came to power he made his own constitution, which no bothered about once he was removed, because General Yahya Khan trashed that constitution. When ZA Bhutto became prime minister he made a constitution which General Zia-ul-Haq trashed. Now General Musharraf introduced PCO, the Legal Framework Order whi…

The mystery of Chaudhry Shujaat

Who or what is Chaudhry Shujaat? He was the prime minister after Jamali . No one knows what kind of influence he has on the existing military regime. It is said that Chaudhry family is responsible for being the real power behind the throne. No general can stay in power if they end up offending the Chaudhry's. They can can make and break politicians. Some even say they played a pivotal role in the creation of Bangladesh. If East Pakistan had remained, then Bengalis would be in all key positions of the government and the miltiary. The result would be the influence of the Chaudhry's would have been reduced considerable.
The miltiary and Chaudhry's are mutually dependent. One cannot do without the other. These are parasites. They will even destroy the country if it suits them. No one knows what Chaudhry Shujaat's game is. What he wants. All he wants is that nothing should change. No should threaten the interests of the feudal lords, the tribal chiefs and the mullahs. The …

Yet another military take over

The workers of Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) have been on strike for some time now. But the strike instead of benefitting them in anyway has resulted in exactly the opposite. The military has decided to take over PTCL and get rid of the employees who are on strike. The military is already running electricity and water supply operations - which are substandard. The reason given for the military takeover of PTCL is to ensure that the company can be sold to some prospective investor, the strike by the employees of the company has to do with the fact that they are afraid of losing their jobs. The 'privatisation' of PTCL endangers the livlihood of all the employees of PTCL If the answer of all the problems is a military takeover, one can only wonder who is manning our borders and who is actually involved in defending the country? The military's functions is to get involved in all kinds of scams, schemes and full fledged racketeering. The military is not…

Sindh's criminal chief minister

I am a regular visitor of Clifton Block 2 , Karachi - which is still in a stage of being developed. Although most of the area has been converted into a proper residential area, a piece of land was allotted for a park. When the development of the area would be completed the park would be completed as well. However the plot remained a barren piece of land because most of Clifton Block 2 has yet to be developed.
Things such as roads being properly paved and above a water supply system. Making of the park was the last thing to do, however its boundry wall was recently built. Everyone who lives there knew that the land was meant for a public park. But on a regular basis attempts were being to turn it into land mosque. Mosques are money minting machines for those own them. Because outside the mosque small shops open up they are sublet by whosoever owns the mosque.
Besides building a mosque is the best way steal land – because if a mosque demolished, even if it is an illegal construction is tu…

Daylight robbery

Every year the 'government' announces what they called is the annual budget. Nothing ever changes. All the money goes to three - the incompetent military, the absolutely corrupt civil servants and the rest is used to pay back huge loans. As can be expected there is nothing for healthcare and education, the amount is so low it is not even worth mentioning.
The budget announcement is really an announcement of new taxes on virtually everything or how much more taxes or how much more has been added to existing taxes. Since the country is run by the military and its slaves the civil servants and myriad advisors ( there can never be a democracy when the head of state is a military dictator) - all the allocations announced in the budget are to enrich the military regime nothing else. In the absence of democracy - rejection of the budget is not an option and can never be.
When the time to announce the annual budget comes around everyone in the country is terrifiecd. They are alrea…

Advertising agency experience

For someone who has never ever done a job before and never been given any kind of career counselling by any who is genuinely a professional in this field, the hardest thing to know is what to demand in terms of salary and benefits and that is exactly what happened when I was hired by an advertisisng agency.
Because I loved to write I became a copywriter, instead of being an account executive (as it was known in those days) to fawn in front of advertisers. But as time went by I discovered that the advertising agency which I had joined and the other advertising agencies I which I would eventually worked in, I learnt that the job of a copywriter was absolutely redundant, because the owner of the advertising agency considered himself as the world's greatest creative genius and knew exactly what kind of ads need to be made. So someone working as copywriter was really of no use.
Becoming an account executive was not something I had any interest in doing, but since there were no other op…

FBI in Pakistan

The FBI has been around here for some years now. Practically taking over much of the work of the local police. If law enforcement has been handed to the FBI, that is great, we can disband our own police force - which save a lot of the taxpayers money. Why stop at the FBI have the entire police force in the USA come and stay here - imagine them trying to control the traffic in Karachi.
Jokes aside, the more obvious reasons for the FBI's presence is to prevent terrorism - but that does not mean terrorism in Pakistan it means terrorism in the USA.
But from what I been hearing the FBI is doing a great deal more than that, things which the Pakistani police are better at doing. But under the prevailing circumstances, it has become obvious that the way our police handles is not to the satisfaction of the FBI. The FBI has become a sort of Big Brother type organisation, every Pakistani is guilty until proven innocent. Things have come to such a state that everything that Pakistanis do or s…