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Communication overload

The Internet and mobile phones have created a very unique situation. Children growing up in this digital age - when they first find out about how easy it is to stay in touch with their friends - all the time - end up discovering that when they meet there is nothing to talk about because they have already said all that was to be said - together they are moping and scratching their heads wondering what to talk about - however they learn very quickly not stay in touch at all and only talk with each other when they meet.
The biggest disaster of all are family pictures. A baby a barely born and his (or her) first moments are instantly recorded and sent - in fact a several hours long video are sent particularly by new parents. Pictures and videos of engagements and weddings are not only very boring but in order to see all of them will take several hours, but no one has the time or the inclination to see.
Such things were thrilling in the beginning - now they have eventually become tedi…