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Health of the bride and groom

Not everyone is so bold as to fall in love and get married - they agree to an arranged marriage. Men and women go blindly into a relationship, because their parents have told them to do so. The criteria is wealth and family background. But there is one matter which both the parents of the groom and bride ignore - it is the health of the two.
Does any one of them have any hereditary disease like thalassemia, diabetes and hypertension? If any one of them does they are bound to have diseased children. No one considers other factors such if any of them is HIV positive or not. Did the man suffer from mumps -which would make completely unsuitable for marriage.
There are some problems such as impotence in men and frigidity in women. Is either of them fertile or not. There are issues of sexual preferences, is the man completely gay and the woman completely lesbian - but such things are taboo no one wants to talk about such things it is embarrassing and illegal.
It is high time health sh…

Telephone charges and the media

When I received my monthly telephone bill of Rs 3500, I was shocked beyond belief. My regular bill was has been for a long time Rs 750 and if I made several international calls I naturally expected to be billed more. Around Rs 1500 which was the maximum. Dial-up for the Internet was treating as one call and there was no multi-metering charges now there are. I wrote to several newspapers and even local TV channels about this increase in the land line telephone charges. It appears as though the government wants to destroy PTCL.
The local media was completely indifferent about this. Anyway regarding the charges, for the same amount of money I could buy a new mobile phone or buy a used full-featured mobile phone. Why should I rely on the only land line telephone company in the country Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). Why should PTCL have this blind authority to charge as it pleases and why does the government's Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) let it…

Will the next US President end the wars?

So far there is no indication the candidates of the two US political parties intend to end USA’s military involvementin the worldSeemingly it does notconcern the people of the USA, they are not like the activists who wanted the end of the Vietnam war. They are content with their lives, what happens abroad does not concern them anymore, one of the reasons is that they are do not know enough. During the Vietnam war the media was free and could report everything which was happening in the Vietnam war. Withthe media under absolute control- with ‘embedded journalists’ they only report what the military will allow them to report. If the US media actually free then the facts would speak for themselves and the people would know what is really going on. But when the media is entirely in the pocket of the US establishment there can neverbe any truth.People will only know what the establishment will let them. The result is there is an air of absolute apathy and indifference.The candidates of bot…