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Businessmen without foresight

Large businesses are run by the state. Smaller ones are privately owned. The privately owned have problems in their way conducting their affairs. Shopkeepers for instance will not have ready change, they will not have all the items one requires so customers have to go from one shop after another to purchase the things they need, instead of being able to buy everything they need from the one shop. Particularly in the case of general stores, the one which is successful is the one which is well supplied, provides discounts - particularly to regular customers and always has the right change. This ensures customer loyalty.
A number of mobile service companies have opened in the past number of years - it has taken them some time to improve their standard of service. But even the improvement is still below international standards.
For instance if someone is regular subscriber and has always paid his bills over several years - that subscriber is treated in the same way as someone who i…