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Where there are extremes of wealth there  such a situation  there is an extreme of corruption and lechery and extremes of shame, guilt and fear. But such extremes are unsustainable. All extremes gravitate towards neutrality, towards entropy.
Extremes cannot survive because they need to be fed constantly and when they can no longer be fed it leads to decay. Just as wealth end so does poverty. Because the wealthy start becoming poorer, start losing money the money gets distributed. Amongst the poor, some become prosperous.
 Some of the former wealthy descend into poverty  - some starve to death because wealth had made them lazy they never developed the energy to work for themselves, there were always had servants catering to all their needs.The poverty stricken rise, because they learn how to steal from the lazy rich who are to weak and incompetent to protect their wealth.
This cycle breaks when there are few who do not steal, but work for a living. Any kind of skill which they have th…