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Cloning the soul

Scientists have not found the soul, but the day do, I am sure they will try their best to clone it. A man dies i.e. he loses his soul, but if his soul is cloned, the man will no longer be dead because his body will be replaced with a copy of his soul. Of course this soul will be without sin, since it will be stored in a special storage area for the entire time and taken out only when the man has died. If the man is blown to bits his cloned body and his cloned soul will replace him. The cloned body will be constantly be uploaded about the persons experiences and all that he knows. His soul will be pure and he can start over. The previous soul will on the way to wherever heaven and hell are. For a long time containment of souls will be very difficult because they would always escape, but once that problem is solved there would be soul banks just like there are sperm banks. As things will develop, several souls will be able to occupy a single body or several bodies will have copies of th…