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Evolution versus faith

What anyone chooses to believe is his (or her) choice. But faith and science canot be mxed up. Faith is a matter of personal choice - one can believe anything one - no one can challenge a belief. Science however is different. It is not a matter of what anyone believes it is a matter of observable information. Science is divided in two the theoretical and the practical.
If people choose to believe that Earth is the centre of the Universe or that it is flat, it is entirely their choice. If they choose to believe that human beings did not evolve from some other creature then they have no reason. No one is forcing them to believe otherwise, matters of faith no matter how much overwhelming the evidence is against their collective belief, nothing can change that, they will continue to believe. They do not want to hear or see anything which contradicts their tenets. . Science presents information which has been observed and analysed - it can be challenged provided one has overwhelming evide…