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Britain on fire or who really care if it is.

Can a nation which has in recent years destroyed cities and killed so many people be respected? Does such a country deserve sympathy?   Bombing Libya is another example of absolute about indifference and hate which prevails in Britain. Britain has killed people for all kinds of reasons. Not a single one of them justified.  Britain should have been destroyed long ago - a land of  buccaneers. Piracy was considered a noble profession. Britain sold opium to China.
The barbarians from this island spread like a disease across the world. This disease is slowly dying. Britain crossed all limits of barbarity and then proclaiming themselves as the most civilised in the world. The arrogance and smugness has not gone. Their stiff upper lips will remain. They will justify every crime.
The reason why Britain goes to out destroying countries - is simply the fact it considered more civilised than everyone else and the cities of the world are worthless, hence have to be eliminated. Psychopaths.  Why s…