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Green Lantern of Krypton

The  Guardians of the Galaxy gave sentient beings on different planets the famous Green Lantern ring and the Green Lantern to charge it up.  The Kryptonians were a very technologically advanced race. The person who was given the ring travelled far from red sun and discovered in addition to the powers given to him by the Ring he wore. General Zod wanted to rule Krypton and tried many times and failed till he came across Sinestro the evil Green Lantern. General Zod planned to use Sinestro for his own ends while Sinestro wanted destroy Krypton's Green Lantern.  It resulted in a stalemate. Krypton's Green Lantern told Jor-el that banishing criminals in distant space only would make them stronger and pose a great danger. Green Lantern asked Jor-el to make way to a dimension which would render criminals powerless and would not make them powerful.  General Zod and his gang ended up in the Phantom Zone. While Sinestro escaped Green Lantern fought him in space many times more powerful …