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Knowledge without purpose, education which fails

Right up to class 8 - schools can teach more or less whatsoever they like to. They introduce a whole range subjects. Some schools even have art and music teachers. Surprisingly there is even geology. There is no bar what you can learn what you cannot. The school has a limited number of students in each class. So if a student's performance is to be gauged it will from the those 45 to 60 students. The teacher is both teacher and examiner. So she (or he) knows more about the student than anyone else. If the student has some difficulty - a mental or physical problem - it would be conveyed to the parents directly. Many learning problems are related to poor eyesight, undue fatigue, some kind of illness. Which the teacher can tell the parents and the parents in turn can make the proper arrangements to help their child
But as soon the student  is in 9th class - everything which happened before comes to an abrupt end - it as if it never existed. 
Students are treated as if they are machines …