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PEMRA’s greed

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) which oversees the operation of TV cable operators and private radio stations – has no other function other than to harass legitimate TV cable operators and radio stations. It claims to maintain standards of morality and quality – but those standards are subject to change. Ever since the local cinema industry collapsed, the Censor Board as a single organisation has practically ceased to exist. Everyone who is in a position of power can clamp down not only on the electronic media but also on newspapers and other publications, whenever he wishes. The recent banning of certain TV channels, which the legitimate TV cable operators have paid the subscription for showing have been banned. Over 40 channels cannot be shown. These legitimate TV cable operators are saying that PEMRA’s decision was based on the fact that the owners of private TV channels did not want foreign TV channels to be shown – because they could not compete against…

Is it just AOL?

I sent an email to a relative in USA and it came back with the following message:

AOL does not accept e-mail transactions from IP addresses whichgenerate complaints or transmit unsolicited bulk e-mail.Connecting IP: while talking to
The IP is of Pakistan - is AOL blocking all emails from Pakistan? Are other similar organisations doing the same?

Blocking blog again

I had to try at least five times to access this website. It is understandable that the moronic government would do this. With this website blocked because of all the things I have blogging against the government would never be seen.
I received a number of error messages one was 110 timed out error, whatever that is supposed to mean. I use to love visiting but now the government does not want me to access that website I get the message - 'connection failed - 113 timed out error' .
The government is abiding by the following agenda:
No blasphemy - meaning blaspheming against their version of Islam, no other religion.
No criticism of the government and its incredibly stupid policies.No criticism of the military - no report that some military officer is dealing in drugs or murdering civilians. Or that all the major crimes like kidnapping for ransom and car theft are the things our army does best.People have no right to visit porn websites, watch Porn cable TV channels -…

VIP roads

When the president or prime minister are visiting Karachi - the traffic police become extraordinary vigilant and security forces are deployed. The road once known as Drigh Road now Shah Faisal road has been turned into one long stretch with no turns allowed anywhere - the reason being the unelected president and prime minister and travel in their massive hyper security convoys which is extensive with vans, ambulances and military truck even twenty cars and countless motorcycles. This is the kind of madness which takes over people who know very well that they are the most hated people in the country. People are fed up with rising prices. The ridiculous price of petrol and new cars. The lack of proper public transport. The digging up of the whole of Karachi because some greedy general wants to make a fast buck, the new roads will be so badly made that maintaining will be exorbitant. Shah Faisal road and several others are reserved for these hated leaders.
Military greed knows n…