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Honda Civic In Pakistan

How is it that Honda has crossed out some of the things it has on its list? Does it not want to best car in Pakistan?
In any case the car policy of the government of Pakistan is seriously flawed.  Most probably because no one has had the time  to revise it.Cars are called luxury items and safety features additional luxury items. Cars are not luxury items, they are a utility and consumer item. People need them to travel distances, many of which are not accessible by public transport. At present the tax on on cars is 350% over and above the actual price of the cars. The tax on cars should not be more than more than 25% of the actual price. Car buyers in Pakistan have a choice of only a few cars brands. Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi, although there many car companies in the world. The number of people who want to buy news cars in Pakistan but cannot afford to are 60 million - but because they are outrageously expensive only an estimated 9 million people can afford them. An importa…

Knowledge without purpose, education which fails

Right up to class 8 - schools can teach more or less whatsoever they like to. They introduce a whole range subjects. Some schools even have art and music teachers. Surprisingly there is even geology. There is no bar what you can learn what you cannot. The school has a limited number of students in each class. So if a student's performance is to be gauged it will from the those 45 to 60 students. The teacher is both teacher and examiner. So she (or he) knows more about the student than anyone else. If the student has some difficulty - a mental or physical problem - it would be conveyed to the parents directly. Many learning problems are related to poor eyesight, undue fatigue, some kind of illness. Which the teacher can tell the parents and the parents in turn can make the proper arrangements to help their child
But as soon the student  is in 9th class - everything which happened before comes to an abrupt end - it as if it never existed. 
Students are treated as if they are machines …

When Veena Hayat was raped

When our newspapers started enjoying some freedom, Veena Hayat's rape was the major headline of all the newspapers which existed at that time. Veena Hayat is not known because she was raped, she is the daughter of a politician Shaukat Hayat Khan, which means she belongs to an extremely rich family.  Many people did not like to see this news in their newspaper leave alone on the front page.No one liked reading stuff like this. However this was the first sojourn of the newspapers in the new frontier of  free expression and reporting without restriction.
The reason why people reacted with such indignation is that they had yet get adjusted to such openness. Strangely enough they travel abroad, they come across all kinds of magazines which they enjoy and express no disapproval. It was nothing but hypocrisy.  However are now reacting in the same way against the TV channels. thought are not at all as free as they should. They were controlled by the state.
Because of the prevalent hypocr…

The bane which is PEMRA

I know I have written too many times about the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) but considering they way this bastard organisation is conducting itself - no matter how much it is condemned it is simply not enough.  The banning of international channels was widely  criticised - but the fucking idiots in PEMRA were not the least concerned about this.  After this was done, content of local channels begun to be monitored. news channels in particular including entertainment channels and lately advertisements which appear in them.
These shit-eaters in PEMRA have nothing better to do than snatch as much freedom as they can. As if freedom is something to be trifled with. The ultimate goal of course to ban all private channels and only have Pakistan Television as the only TV channel. The way freedom is being taken away, it can be taken back with tremendous force. Everyone who works in PEMRA would made accountable for their violation of fundamental human rights, violating …

email mess

It is probably because I have a CRT monitor instead of a LCD monitor I am having hard time being able to see my Email, let alone read it. I have difficulty logging out too. Who came up with the bright idea of having the email on top of the screen and below the inbox a small area to read the Email, unless you click it and it becomes large, but then it covers the everything else, unless you clicks shut the Email. Some still use CRT monitors in this day and age, if anyone cares to listen. Logging out of ones Email account is a nuisance, in most cases it is impossible to locate. Everyone is in a rush to have a better email unable to decide what to keep and what to throw away.

State regulating the media, why?

Another form of doublespeak has emerged - censorship is not called censorship - it is called regulating the media. It is perceived that the government should do so. How can the can government  be trusted to do something like that honestly? The government has been accused of being absolutely corrupt and on regular basis new corruption scandals are exposed. The masters of Pakistan's fate say do not want to create the ' wrong' impression about the image about Pakistan. in terms of religion, in terms of politics and in terms the overall image of Pakistan in the eyes of the world. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely it is said. The media is expected to careful about reporting about corruption - because lots of people who choose to live in obscurity would be exposed. A truly free press would expose these criminals. Strangely enough the media has to constantly has struggle to   defined the nature of the crime.  Because of the control over the media, even entertainm…