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State regulating the media, why?

Another form of doublespeak has emerged - censorship is not called censorship - it is called regulating the media. It is perceived that the government should do so. How can the can government  be trusted to do something like that honestly? The government has been accused of being absolutely corrupt and on regular basis new corruption scandals are exposed. The masters of Pakistan's fate say do not want to create the ' wrong' impression about the image about Pakistan. in terms of religion, in terms of politics and in terms the overall image of Pakistan in the eyes of the world. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely it is said. The media is expected to careful about reporting about corruption - because lots of people who choose to live in obscurity would be exposed. A truly free press would expose these criminals. Strangely enough the media has to constantly has struggle to   defined the nature of the crime.  Because of the control over the media, even entertainm…