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Do we really need a government?

The way things are going on in the country, one is forced to wonder about the relevance of the government. What has it done for the country and the people - absolutely nothing. The economy is perpetually at rock bottom. After the last time when people had foreign currency accounts, the government ended them. Now no businessman in his right mind ever keeps his income from exported items in any Pakistani bank, because now no one trusts the government and there is no reason to. No one wants to make the same mistake. Once was more than enough.A top priority is banking secrecy. The government should never question why someone is depositing a a large sum of money in any bank or withdrawing. No one should know. The government should interfere in bank deposits and withdrawals. But government wants to make its business. It strange when someone wants to buy a new car, unless there is proper documentation on the money which is being paid for its purchase. Why does the government want such r…