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A pattern of social change

It is a sad fate for a woman to end up getting married a man who is a gambler, an alcoholic or simply does not work at all. The parents are duped into believing that their son-in-law to be actually works somewhere.  The women who have suffered this and borne children, ensure that their children do not suffer in the same way.   But there is no easy way out of the tradition of arranged marriage. The only recourse is make extensive background checks of the people who come with proposals. It is a very arduous task but absolutely necessary.
With extensive background checks raises - makes easy arranged marriages impossible. The mothers are very careful, particularly when it comes to their daughters.  They do not want to go through hellish experience as they have. his is a growing pattern. Women who have divorced their useless husbands are making sure that their daughters do not end with similar husbands. This is happening because society has reached a level of prosperity allowing them to s…