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Funny thing about mobile phones

When mobile phones were first introducedthey were large bulky items, the size of most cordless phones of these days. Butnow they have shrunk in size and have so many features that fill an entire book. In the beginning they could only be owned by those who very rich, nowadays- almost everyone has them including kids. The original need for these phones was entirely business purposes just like personal computers use to be. Businessmen of large companies found the phones useful to make their deals while on the move in the chauffeur driven cars or were in not in their offices and were elsewhere. Well that was the original idea till their prices dropped and their features increased. In the beginning owning a mobile phone was a symbol of prestige, people would hauling them around in parties as if they were a luxury item.Today only those people make a show of their phones if they are really very expensive and have countless features in them although they may never use them or how to. The probl…