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FBI in Pakistan

The FBI has been around here for some years now. Practically taking over much of the work of the local police. If law enforcement has been handed to the FBI, that is great, we can disband our own police force - which save a lot of the taxpayers money. Why stop at the FBI have the entire police force in the USA come and stay here - imagine them trying to control the traffic in Karachi.
Jokes aside, the more obvious reasons for the FBI's presence is to prevent terrorism - but that does not mean terrorism in Pakistan it means terrorism in the USA.
But from what I been hearing the FBI is doing a great deal more than that, things which the Pakistani police are better at doing. But under the prevailing circumstances, it has become obvious that the way our police handles is not to the satisfaction of the FBI. The FBI has become a sort of Big Brother type organisation, every Pakistani is guilty until proven innocent. Things have come to such a state that everything that Pakistanis do or s…