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The absence of joy and excitement

Paychopaths are void of feelings. The past six months have shown me how much they can cause. I came into some money six months - I was jubilant,extremely happy and excited when I received it. The first thing I did was give my daughter, who had graduated a month so earlier and I did not have anything to give her, now that I did,I gave her more than any of uncles and aunts could. She took the money and said nothing just sat there as if nothing had happened. What I was expecting was that she would jump with joy and be very excited about receiving the money.There was absolutely no expression on her face. She had to be prompted - and she gave the expression of joy and happiness - but at no time able truly comprehend the reason. 
Later when  I told my wife about the money, which was long overdue - she had the same deadpan reaction as my daughter. No expression of relief and no tears of joy,  nothing at all. Here I am feeling incredibly happy and the response is of cold indifference. Bough a …