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My former friend Baber

I became  Baber's friend - because it was his older sister Chikie whom I was interested in, in my teenage years. She was pretty - it was unrequited love. Eventually  realised  she did not spurn just  my feelings - she had none of her own - was married for a year or so - her true passion was move up in her career and she move to the top, destroying everyone who was on her way - she is phenomenally rich. However Baber poor soul was not nearly as successful.
I remember always needing to emain extremely polite with him. This  friendship was growing up to be a nuisance.  With other friends I could say anything I liked, talk utter nonsense for hours, let our hairs down and joke. With him there was nothing like that. I accepted him  for what he was and let it be. Then there were little things which I chose to ignore. Once I went to his place - he was feeding his grandmother. I was talking to with, he exploded in rage. I was taken aback.
"Can't you see I am feeding my Naany"…