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Blocking of websites

The government has ruined its image in practically every field - by resorting to rampant corruption. The result is that  Pakistan Railways is bankrupt. Pakistan International Airlines may close down soon.  The cronies of Zaradari and Gilani have been given opportunities to steal as much as they can from wherever they can.  New ministries and departments are being made for different lackeys - so that they can loot the country as much as they want.
Since the cronies cannot be kicked out and outright theft cannot be stopped - the only thing Zardari can do is tell the ISPs to do is block all Adult websites. Which has proven to be a monumental task and has resulting in the crashing of the Internet. General Musharraf tried the same thing with disastrous consequences.  It is next to impossible to block thousands of websites. A few can be, but not all. of them.  When General Musharraf tried - it was th…