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Weird anti-social behaviour

I invited my wife's family for a get together. When they came, instead of sitting down to chat, rushed to where the TV was to watch a game.I have no interest whatsoever in the game. Even if I am, I will not watch a game when I am having a get together.
 I sat where I usually sit and talk with anyone who comes visiting.This time I was sitting alone - because the game was many times more interesting than my company.
Addiction to a game and not being interested in talking about anything is some kind of anti-social behaviour. Some kind of mental illness. 
Even if the people are family, there is such a thing as  courtesy and decorum. I suppose people who are anti-social  cannot understand that is, which they brush it  aside. Only after the game ended did they come over to sit. But that was temporary, dinner was served and they rushed to the table.
It was apparent they had no interested in talking with me whatsoever. I was feeling really sickened by this behaviour. It hurt. But they we…