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Bacha bazi and Western values

When the Afghans were fighting the Soviet Union, they were  best allies of the the ' Free World'.   Their religion was supported and their way of life was never questioned. However after the defeat of the Soviet Union in 1988 - Afghanistan was implicated in an act of terrorism and attacked by the USA and its allies (the invaders) 2001.
This war not only involved having soldiers and hi-tech weapons in Afghanistan, it involved starting a propaganda war.
The faith of the Afghans down to their way of life started being questioned. A campaign started that the people of Afghanistan are against the freedom of the West.  A tradition which has been around since time immemorial of boys used for sexual purposes. Even  Alexander the Great and his army got caught up in it. Invaders have been defeated in Afghanistan. A leading reason is the feminising of the soldiers. Any soldier would never happy to rejoin fellow soldiers because of the…