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Floods and the military budget

The floods could be a blessing in disguise. Under military rule - ever since General Ayub took over the military expenditure expanded and it was set in stone that it should remain 80% of the annual budget, come hell or high water. That leaves the government with 20% -10% for attempting to pay back the loans given by the World Bank, IMF and other organisations. The remaining 10% is left development, infrastructure, education, health and to run the government. Since the military is unwilling to let government have more money for Pakistan all kinds of problems have arisen. The washing away of roads and bridges is because the miltary is not concerned with progress and prosperity of Pakistan. What the military does not realise is that unless Pakistan prospers - the miltary will also not be survive. Military budget allocation has to be sensible. Despite this allocation - Pakistan lost most of Siachin to India. In the 1965 War, there was a chance to win back Kashmir. General Ayub was afrai…