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Reverse reaction

The anti-smoking campaign has been around for over 20 years, cigarette ads and packs of cigarettes state the harmful effects of smoking. But even then people smoke, obviously the anti-smoking campaign does not work. I doubt very much that cigarettes are addictive as it is claimed. I tried smoking - it had no effect! I never developed the 'habit' . I can only assume that most people smoke more for social reasons than anything else. Perhaps some people have the tendency to get addicted or they choose to get addicted. One of the most potent argument smokers present is 'No one lives forever' and the other is 'live healthy and die healthy'. Unlike excessive alcohol consumption, cigarettes have yet to prove that they are a social menace. A person who drinks too much can become a menace to society, his behaviour is a danger to everyone, particularly his family provided he has any. No warning labels exist on the bottles of alcohol beverages - althou…