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Porn industry in Pakistan

It is a despicable unlikable industry, it is called the porn industry otherwise known as the Adult Industry. It is called an industry because of the tremendous amount of money it generates. Pakistan does not have one - but everything exists underground, the result is very poor.  There is nothing which does not exist. Pakistan's second largest brothel is Heera Mandi, in Lahore, the largest is the town of Kharian, it is a railway junction. Where there are brothels there is liquor.  The 'Islamic Republic' is merely a label, under cover of which everything happens.
No one has the courage to reopen the bars, the nightclubs, the discos which which existed till the late 1970s. But perhaps due to force of nature they may open up, with people demanding more freedom. perhaps its just a matter of time.
Recently a man tried to open a porn website, he was arrested, strangely enough the 'victims' denied any involvement in participating it. Porn may well become an industry in th…