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Durrani worse than Sheikh Rashid?

Sheikh Rashid (shitbrain) as long he remained Minister of Information - he banned all TV channels and clamped down on a large number of websites - he did not do this for the greater good of anyone except himself. He had the power allow those cable operators who paid him enough in bribes. The ISPs who knew that their subscribers access to specific websites, they would have to bribe him to allow those ISPs provide access to the desired websites, its just a money, nothing to do with money. If Durranni the new Information Minister does the same thing as shitbrain then Durrani would be the second shitbrain. Durrani should show his honesty by allowing all the cable operators to show whichever channel they please and let the ISPs get along with their job and there should be no bar on websites. But will any of these bastards listen?