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President's Earthquake Relief Fund scam

The military dictator General Musharraf used the earthquake tragedy to start one of the biggest scam in the history of the country. He had his people announce a President's Earthquake Relief Fund and had every bank open an account for this fund. Instead of benefitting those who suffered tremendously from the earthquake, the money was raked in by dictator and the members of his junta. Those who were fooled by this deposited money into this bank account.
The people who lost their homes and their livlihood are still living in tents, no new buildings have been constucted. No roads have been built. Kashmir is a terrible mess and the military dictatorship is completely unable to do anything about providing relief to the affected people. Rather it has no intentions to do so. The only relief these people receive are from private donations. The amount of corruption is boundless, General Musharraf has to be held accountable for every act of treason he has committed.