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The law of the jungle

General Muharraf made lawyers who were keen on staying as judges or becoming take the oath Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) the acronym PCO. He introduced this immediately after overthrowing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
PCO essentially to protect Musharraf and the members of regime from being tried for any crimes they commit. Essentially Musharraf has made himself above the law in every respect. As if the day he is overthrown PCO will not be removed and he and all the members of regime not be executed or jailed. Musharraf does not care about the consequences of his actions, he does not care about the immense resentment he has created amongst the people.
When General Ayub Khan came to power he made his own constitution, which no bothered about once he was removed, because General Yahya Khan trashed that constitution. When ZA Bhutto became prime minister he made a constitution which General Zia-ul-Haq trashed. Now General Musharraf introduced PCO, the Legal Framework Order whi…