Internet surfing doomed 2

This following is becoming turning into incredible hurdles in surfing the Internet. Who would want to use the Internet if this goes on. The Internet Service Providers blame PTCL the telephone monopoly which in turns blames PTA the supervising organisation of all telecommunications including surfing the Internet which blames the ministry of communications which blames the overall policies of the junta. In a country when there are only 6 per cent of the entire population of the country surfing the Internet, in which in most cases one is lucky of getting connected to an ISP which are normally dead slow and broadband cable is readily available and where it is available it is also unreliable and extremely expensive so the junta does not have filter the Internet just make it so slow that no one access anything anywhere at any time - the whole point of the exercise of blocking Internet Websites is pointless - because the entire system has been transformed into a decrepit, unreliable mess (just like the electricity supply which takes next to forever to fix. Blackouts are unacceptable KESC should compensate all its customers by reducing charges to less than a quarter in its monthly bill)
The junta is afraid of free access to information, this problem will not go away - huffing and puffing generals will never allow it although Flagstaff Houses are orgy centres.

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