No place to walk no place to park no place to drive

It is wonderful if one could park ones car ( motorcycle) without someone claiming a part of the road as their own. These are:
  • Managers of banks
  • Cigarette (and other junk) sellers
  • Tea shops
  • Fruit juice sellers
  • Milk shop owners

All these get away with this because they bribe all those responsible for enforcing he law and this does not mean jus the police. The stalls usually next to the pavement where cars are parked, or on the pavements - so that people have to abandon the pavement and walk on the road and risk getting hit by any vehicle. Other than the danger of getting hit by a vehicle the danger is also of falling into uncovered manhole, because drug addicts steal the lids which they sell in order to support drug addiction - that is the most common story - it could very well be that in order to give the contract to supply manhole lids, the previous lids are removed and declared stolen. A contractor supplies manholes and gives a huge bribe to the people who approve the contract - anything is possible.

A newly built road was broken up, for the simple reason it was too well built and would never turn into dust in a few months, the road which was made in its place was bumpy and full of very large ditches and almost everyday 'repairs' were being made - making it impossible to drive on it. This applies to virtually to every single road in Karachi. Then there is the speed-breaker racketeering - these are made bigger than most cars so even if car slows down to a crawl, the speed-breaker ends up scrapping the bottom of the car and damaging it. Someone going faster literally takes off in the air and the car crash lands a short distance away on the road, or could very well end up on the roof of the car in front of it. Just because it is no reason not to make roads - which do not get flooded even when there is a slight drizzle. When there is downpour, vehicles get water into their engines and they can go no further.

All these things are not the result of incompetence - it is the result of deliberate corruption. It goes from the bottom up, each person takes his share from the infrastructure development fund - which leaves just about nothing for infrastructure. What is worse is that no one is allowed to ask questions.


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