Women smoking and drinking in Pakistan

Women smoking in Pakistan, may not be the last taboo, but it is an assertion by women that they are fed up of being pushed of being constantly pushed around and dominated. Though it is unhealthy yet  they are doing so  they have had it.


Women know the risks with respect to their behaviour, but the only way they can do is resort extremely shocking behaviour.   Internet cafes were fairly popular for dating, but a security camera caught some women some years back being intimate with their boyfriends. That turned into a huge scandal. One or two of them committed  suicide for dishonouring the family and should be ashamed of themselves.  The parents who lost their daughters, realised the mistake they made. The news of the suicides, had an impact. Parents saw the limitations in policing the activities of their daughters. They know there are certain things they can never prevent or control.
Many things were socially unacceptable like a women showing her face, talking to men who are not related to them. Appearing in public without the burk in  itself was at one time horrifying. There was a growing resentment amongst women about the attitude of women.
It was an uphill task for women but they are winning. The village mentality has not gone but it is losing its strength. Much of the mullah community is on the retreat, they are unable to deal with strong assertive women.
The state made a matter of policy to have absolute control and dominate women. But the state realising   that it is counterproductive.  But it will take sometime for it stop meddling in the affairs of women.
Officials travel abroad see women there and remain very quiet about everything they see and hear.The sheer hypocrisiy is that they do not women to enjoy the same freedom in Pakistan.


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