The absence of joy and excitement

Paychopaths are void of feelings. The past six months have shown me how much they can cause. I came into some money six months - I was jubilant,extremely happy and excited when I received it. The first thing I did was give my daughter, who had graduated a month so earlier and I did not have anything to give her, now that I did,I gave her more than any of uncles and aunts could. She took the money and said nothing just sat there as if nothing had happened. What I was expecting was that she would jump with joy and be very excited about receiving the money.There was absolutely no expression on her face. She had to be prompted - and she gave the expression of joy and happiness - but at no time able truly comprehend the reason. 
Later when  I told my wife about the money, which was long overdue - she had the same deadpan reaction as my daughter. No expression of relief and no tears of joy,  nothing at all. Here I am feeling incredibly happy and the response is of cold indifference. Bough a car for her the same reaction, not even a thanks. No gratitude.  
I felt I was living where expression of any feelings has no place. I made up mind henceforth not to expect them to rejoice at anything. I should express my joy alone, with no one around - because there is no one around to share those feelings.
Recently my daughter got her first job and went started it. I was happy, but I did not let them know. Instead I shared my joy on the social media with my relatives and friends.  I quickly suffered a backlash. My daughter stormed in my room why I had done so, I should not have. Her reasons for not wanting me to share was because she wanted to do it herself.  I told her that as a parent I am proud, very happy and I wanted the world the know what she accomplished.
Psychopaths are unable to feel, they have no comprehension about the feelings of others.The maximum they can do is  control and manage those feelings, as if feelings are  inside a syringe and the flow have to be controlled and regulated. 
The abhor bursts of enthusiasm and excitement. They hate laughter, unless it is for mocking. They do not understand jokes. Their emotional development is retarted. The only emotions they know are the ones had when  they are small children. they do not grow out of it.They do not develop more mature feelings.
Living a life void of emotions is pure hell.


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